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MTV Ridiculousness Sucks

For all those viewers who think It Could Be Worse… is the worst show they have ever watched.  I will prove you wrong today…Take a moment in the new couple of days and try to watch MTV’s Ridiculousness.  Just try!  Because you won’t last more than 3 minutes, unless its a commercial break because watching commercials are more entertaining than this show.  Its like someone was sitting around and said hey why don’t we do a show just like tosh.0 but not as good as tosh.0, and some aging hipster who still thinks he’s relevant said, dude that’s ridiculousness.

It started with planking and not the newest internet sensation is “coning.”  If you don’t know what coning is, i’ll let Tom Green, the inventor of coning, explain. [YouTube:  “Coning” – The Next Big Thing]

“Coning” just aint that funny.  But I got a new thing that will take the internet by storm.  I’m calling it “thirsting.”  Pull up to drive-thru window, order the biggest drink that they have and then pour it over top of your own head.  Than turn to the employee and say, “boy was I thirsty.”

Have you ever been forced to talk to someone that you don’t really like.
What do you normally do.  Make fun of them as soon as they go away, of course. [YouTube: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian made fun of on live TV by news anchor]

In the true spirit of this show, proving that life could always be worse, this will make anyone with a physical ailment or deformity feel instantly better. [YouTube: HOWARD STERN: Guy with BIG medical issue talks about his embarrassing problem]

Yes, that is his testicles!

Think you had a bad week?  It Could Be Worse… [YouTube: FAIL Blog: Jumping the Smallest of Jumps FAIL]

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It Could Be Worse… : MTV Ridiculousness Sucks

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