It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson in “The Beaver” – Check out these new Mel Gibson promo shots from his upcoming movie called The Beaver.  To me this is just bad marketing…if you want to sell some tickets, this is what that movie poster should look like.

One of my dirty little secrets is that I’m a huge professional wrestling fan, that’s why I was excited to see Hulk Hogan in this promotional video for Def Jam Rapstar… Did he just…Why is he whipping out his little hulkamaniac with his daughter in the room.

Lil Wayne is out of jail and it took just over 6 hours for him to post his first tweet, stating that he is back.  Retweet #dontcare  #crappyrapper #lilwayneisoverrattedandiwishhestayedinjail

Bret Michaels has alleged broken up the Cyrus family by having sex with Miley Cyrus’ mom, Tish.  Which caused Billy Ray to file for divorce.  Tish, all you need is to nail Larry The Cable Guy to hit the Redneck trifecta.

I didn’t know Cheetah’s gave birth out of their asses…(Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Cheetah Costume)

It Could Be Worse…You could be this Karate Guy Fail!

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson in “The Beaver”

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