It Could Be Worse…Tiger Woods (April 2010)

It Could Be Worse… for Tiger Woods, who made his much anticipated return to the Masters over the weekend as he tries to move forward from the brothel of women he had affairs with.   Tiger’s so good that with a 5 month layoff he was still amazingly able to finish in 4th place.  Even though Tiger didn’t win, his strong showing was enough for Nike to put out a another version of its much publicized commercial featuring Tiger’s deceased Dad, Earl Woods.  Check it Out…

Tiger Woods Nike Commercial –
“Tiger, I want to know what you are thinking…Shit, 16 women, God Damnit, 16.  3 or 4 girls is one thing, but 16…shit”

And for everyone who doesn’t think Tiger will bounce back from this is an idiot.  Can you imagine the relief Tiger must have, not trying to keep all these girls a secret.  Can you imagine how many “I think I’m pregnant” calls he must have gotten.  I still can’t believe this guy didn’t wear condoms.  Does Tiger wear red on Sundays for luck or as a prayer for that time of the month. “Tiger I think I’m late, bitch you better bleed”  and It Could Be Worse…

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You know what could be worse…living in the south.  Can you believe that Virginia’s Governor, Bob McDonnell, created a proclamation to celebrate Confederate history month.  On top of that, Mississippi’s Governor, Haley Barbour, said that people’s outrage about the proclamation’s lack of reference to the terribleness of slavery “doesn’t amount to diddly.”  So you have a guy…named Haley who used the word diddly to defend confederate history month.  I’m sorry but isn’t the only reason the Civil War happened was because the South didn’t want to give up slavery, its like a third world country down there.  This is like signing a petition for Nazi Appreciation Day.  

It Could Be Worse…computer safety tips, never give you significant other your passwords…Starcraft 2 Beta break-up

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Tiger Woods (April 2010)

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