It Could Be Worse…Summer 2010

Justin Bieber gets attacked with a water bottle.  Why you should never exit through the entrance door, and the best video of the summer…Hide your kids, Hide your wife!

A summer that started with Lindsay Lohan going to jail and ending with Paris Hilton arrested with cocaine, was jam-packed with great moments.

Hey Justin Bieber, heads up!

Justin Bieber Gets HIT by Water Bottle!! (Original) CHECK THE DATE!

I don’t know why she did it either, I told my mom not to put a brick in her panties before she launched them up there…women

The summer heat can bring a lot of confusion, like why Vinny Chase has the ugliest girlfriend on Entourage and why you shouldn’t try to exit through the entrance.

Security Guard FAIL

Just thinking about this next video gets me so excited…

We Love You Maria Venus Raj 22 Philippines

well not that excited.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, this is the best video of the summer.

(STEREO SOUND) Woman wakes up to find intruder in her bed

Were you talking about this shirt.

This summer has been great, I can’t wait to see if the fall “Could Be Worse…”


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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Summer 2010

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