It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson

Welcome to “It Could Be Worse…!”  A show (from that is dedicated to making you feel better about yourself.  How?  Because no matter how bad life get sometimes, I’m here to show that it could be worse…

You know how I know Mel Gibson is a racist?  Because he somehow was able to shoehorn the N-word into an argument with his ex-girlfriend about her breast implants (Credit: Bye-Bye Mel, you ain’t coming back from this one.

Have you ever gotten really excited, like embarrassingly excited, about something and were glad that no one was around.   Did you ever record it and upload it to YouTube for millions of people to see. Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10  He’s acting like he found a pot of gold or leprechaun at the end of those rainbow. “You Shouldn’t make fun of the Leprechaun.”

Have you ever worked next to someone who just wouldn’t stop…Can we role back that footage.  Lindsay Lohan’s going to jail and crying, then she goes crazy calm like she would enjoy murdering someone, and then back to crying.  Yeah, she seems like someone who’s off drugs.

Watch out, he’s coming to get ya.

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson

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