It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson (Again!)

If you spent anytime listening to the Mel Gibson tapes, you have heard him in a constant state of crazy.  Even further proof is that he has reportedly been confiding to, get this, Britney Spears .  I’d rather get help from a palm reader than turn to Britney for advice. Not exactly that voice of reason.  You remember this cover of Rolling Stone from October 2003 ?  Look at her now.  Mel Gibson might be accused of hitting a baby, but I’m pretty sure Britney Spears ate one.

Did you hear about the nerd fight at Comic-Con .  When someone was stabbed over a seating argument.  The weapon of choice at this nerdfest, a pen. The man who allegedly committed the bic attack was also wearing a baby blue Harry Potter shirt.  I’m guess that some other allegations would include, still living at home with his parents, probably has never been laid, and most likely had his light saber tangled up with another man…

Lindsay Lohan still in jail.  And the inmates chant “firecrotch” when she walks by.  Boy, those inmates are hilarious.  Must have been arrested for noise violations from all the hahas they cause.

You think you’re a bad dancer, It could be worse…

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Mel Gibson (Again!)

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