It Could Be Worse…Lost

I’m still in the bathroom, I thought this was suppose to be heaven.

In honor of the last episode of the hit TV series Lost, I dedicate this episode to one of my favorite shows ever.

I’ve never liked Hurley (Jorge Garcia), probably because when I had long hair someone once thought I looked like him. (yeah, that’s me)  But Hurley’s kind of like Venus Williams’ ass at the French Open.  Large and hairy, and makes me want to say dude or dooty.

Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kat’s (Evangeline Lilly) goodbye is like Paramount Pictures saying that they fired Megan Fox from Transformers 3…Dumb.  That’s right Jack you would rather stay with an island as oppose to being with one of the hottest woman in the world.  And Transformers doesn’t need Megan Fox oh yeah, why because Shia Labeouf can carry that movie by himself, uh huh yep

The Smoke Monster is like Wayne Newton.  Cause you can spend all day trying to figure out what it is or how it happened. Wayne, I’ll pay you ten bucks if you blink

Claire’s (Emilie de Ravin) like Bristol Palin, you can talk all you want about abstinence but fact of the matter is , you’re known for being pregnant and no one really trusts you around a child.

I don’t remeber their names (Shannon and Boone) , but I think they were brother and sister, and I think they had sex with each other which is almost as weird as Delonte West banging Lebron James’ Mom.  Which at least means someone can score for the Cavs…oh

I’m on a roll today.

Pictures of Lindsay Lohan getting worse through the years, for those who weren’t happy with the ending of Lost to show things could be worse over the past six years.

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