It Could Be Worse…Eric Massa

Former New York Congressman Eric
recently went on Fox News’ Glenn Beck show to talk
about why he left office…that’s ridiculous…what, that happened. You
had a tickle fight, yeah who won. If this is what 50th birthday parties
are like, I hope I die at 49.  I’d rather admit to groping a dude then
tickling him.  What happened to the old school congressman who’d do blow
with a room full of strippers and get a happy ending during a
filibuster.  Now their playing “kill the old guy,” first one to grab my
balls wins.  

It could be worse, Eric Massa, you could be
Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy who gets hammered by the
press for just trying to get people to see the real important
things….I’m seeing double again.  Why does Patrick Kennedy sound like a
13 year old boy when he gets upset.

Speaking of bad press,
nothing like keeping your composure on live television….Angry
Reporter, Gordon Boyd, from WVLT in Tennessee.

Ben Roethlisberger
has been under investigation for an alleged sexual assault for the
second time in a year.  Ben you know that old saying…(President George
h Fool Me Video)Damn you Rothelisburger we’ll get you
next time.

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This is a new segment on It
Could Be Worse, called Yep…
  • Corey Haim Died…Yep
  • Jennifer
    Love Hewitt
    broke up with Jamie Kennedy…Yep
  • Paris
    was naked again…Yep
Yowsers – Anytime I see a dame like this it
makes me go 1920s on ya.  Quick get be a bottle of booze and tommy gun.

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Eric Massa

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