It Could Be Worse…Conan O’Brien

It Could Be Worse…Conan O’Brien

People are going to get anger, but I’m just going to say it…Will Ferrell is just not that funny anymore.  At one time, Ferrell was comedic genius but his time has passed.  He had a golden opportunity to have a very memorable moment on Conan O’Brien’s last Tonight Show, be he blew it.  His Lynard Skynard impression was just not funny.

Who planned the military flyby at the BCS National Championship is an idiot.  It was dark out and no one could see the planes at night.

When white guys listen to rap music in their car, please leave your imaginary guns at home.

Heidi Montag from the Hills had major plastic surgery in her early twenties.  But Alex likes the fact that her album only sold 1,000 copies which is less than the amount of people who watch this show!

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It Could Be Worse… : It Could Be Worse…Conan O’Brien

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