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Chris Brown is Under Control…NOT!

After the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, I’m not waiting for the other two celebrities to die.  You know that celebrity deaths come in threes.  If I was a betting man, I would be picking William Shatner to go next.  Look at that head.  What is going on there.  It looks like his head is going to explode like that scene from Scanners.

So rapper/abuser Chris Brown is on the comeback trail releasing a brand new album called F.A.M.E.  Brown would tell you that the album stands for something like Forgiving All My Enemies.  I think it means more like Fighting and Maiming Everything including windows, which is just what Brown did after an interview with Good Morning America.  After being pushed with questions about his abusive behavior, Brown responded after the interview by screaming at producers, smashing a window, and going out on the street with no shirt on.  That’s what you call rehabilitation.

Warning! the following image is graphic and may not be suitable for children.  AAAh!  That is Ke$ha in a bikini!  Why does she have the body of 85 year-old man, with a rectangular torso and short little arms.  Come over here and put some lotion on my back.

Now, I don’t know much about Olivia Munn except for the fact that she is always on the internet and people love her.  Now, I know why.  Munn appeared on the Today Show for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration with Kathy Lee and Hoda and its one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in a while…enjoy

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It Could Be Worse… : Chris Brown is Under Control…NOT!

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