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Charlie Sheen Meltdown

I’m having trouble understand why CBS fired Charlie Sheen.  Alright, so he has gone completely off the deep end but I’ve never been more interested in anything Charlie Sheen has done in my entire life.  I always hear that “Two and a Half Men” is the highest rated comedy on television, although I don’t know a single person who watches that show.  I would’ve totally watched any upcoming episodes.  I mean I watched Piers Morgan just to hear Charlie Sheen do a “not” joke.

Let’s hop of the Charlie Sheen train for a little while and go back to some of the words that I spoke last week.  I told you so, James Franco and Anne Hathaway did not disappoint in the what some are considering the worst hosted Oscars ever.  They should be thanking their lucky stars that Charlie Sheen started melting down…

Paris Hilton was recently on the Ellen DeGeneres show and discussed how her current boyfriend saved her life.  Paris next time lets choose some easier words like robbed, home invasion, break in, burglered is a cheeseburger with little legs.

So now back to Charlie Sheen.  I can’t remember anyone firing off as many new quotes and phrases in my life.  Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA, and Truth Torpedoes are just some of my favorites but I want to end the show tonight with what I think is the best Charlie Sheen parody on the internet and my favorite quote from this whole mess…It’s Bi-Winning!

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It Could Be Worse… : Charlie Sheen Meltdown

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