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Can We Move On From Kirstie Alley

America it is time to stop with our obsession of celebrities that don’t deserve it, like Kirstie Alley . Do people still have such fond memories of Cheers that we can’t let go of Kirstie?  Check out her wikipedia page, she has had a very small career, so how does she keep invading all aspects of pop culture.  Please just let her out to pasture with the rest of the cows.


I don’t know why, but I can’t get my fat dome around Kim Kardashian ’s recent engagement to New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries . More so over the ring.  The ring has a diamond that is over 20 carats in size and cost an estimated $2 million.  This is an NBA player that you never heard about to this year, and you know how much he has made in his seven year career, $14 million.  This is a guy who has pretty much done diddly-poo for his whole NBA career, and made that much money. Do you know where he got a diamond that size?  Well he shoved an oyster up Kim’s ass after the immense squeezing and pressure, viola.  I know that’s how pearls are made, but I needed to get a big ass joke in their somehow.


ICBW fact of the day.  I did not watch one second of American Idol this season.  Not a recap on the internet, not a highlight on TV.  Thank You.


Lindsay Lohan is on house arrest and is making odd, Cinemax, soft-core porn like home movies. [YouTube – Lindsay Lohan – A Richard Phillips Film]


Supermodel Adrianne Curry and former Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight have separated.  Most of you probably got sick of this couple a few years ago when they wouldn’t just go away doing reality shows like the Surreal Life and My Fair Brady .  What should be important to you is the fact that Adrianne Curry has one of the hottest twitter accounts because she posts some of the sexiest pictures on the internet and they can only get better now that she is a single lady.


Think you had a bad week, It Could Be Worse… [Fail Blog: Snowboard Surfing FAIL]

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It Could Be Worse… : Can We Move On From Kirstie Alley

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