ICBW…Casino only offers $100 and Meal to $57 million Jackpot Winner

Imagine going to a casino and finally winning, and winning big, only for the casino to tell you that it was a computer error.

That was the message that a casino in Bregenz, Austria, gave to Behar Merlaku, 26, after he got a really exciting return on a slot machine.

Merlaku got only four of the slot machine’s five required matches, but a winning bell went off and a flashing screen told him he had won the big jackpot on March 26, the Daily Mail said. But when the Swiss man tried to claim the prize, the casino operators blamed a software error and offered him $100 and a meal instead.

When he refused the casino’s offer, he was banned from the establishment. They say that the company said the slot machine manufacturer was responsible and cited Austrian law that jackpots cannot normally be higher than two million euros, the Daily Mail reported.

These casinos better be forced to pay.  I wonder how many times a “computer error” boned me out of money of the years


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